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What are the benefits of Lash Lifts?

Get luscious lifted lashes that can last up to 8 weeks! Lash Lifting opens the eyes and gives the appearance of longer, thicker, darker lashes. Much less maintenance than eyelash extensions. It's safe, hygienic and convenient. Formaldehyde-free* We add a conditioner Enriched with proteins, amino acids and vitamin complex ingredients such as keratin, biotin, arginine, hydrolyzed collagen, allantoin and panthenol to promote healthy hair growth.

  • No fake lashes involved
  • Curls your lashes perfectly
  • Enhances the beauty of your natural lashes
  • Lash lifts are cheaper than lash extensions
  • No touchups needed after treatment
  • Takes less time than extensions
  • Lash lifts can last upto 8 weeks
  • Can wear eye makeup after 48 hours
  • Your eyes will look bigger
  • Less time getting ready in the morning
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We work for you!

Velluto Lux offers professional skin care all year round for Men & Women.
I'm an Esthetician on a mission to give perfectly smooth skin and a service-first experience to leave my clients always looking and feeling their best

We use a hard stripless wax from France that exfoliates the skin while removing unwanted hair.
Want to reach your #skingoals - well we got you covered and will ensure that they come true.
Reveal a new layer of yourself with our amazing peels. You will love your results and the new you.

What to expect from your Lash Lift?

Once we’ve decided which curl rod is right for you, we will wash and dry your lashes to prep them for the solution.
Before the lifting solution is applied to your lashes, we use a safe, gentle adhesive to apply silicon shields on your eyelids to protect them, as well as give your eyelashes a landing place to absorb and react to the curling solution. The pad is chosen based on the curl shape as well, so customization is key throughout the entire process.
Your lash tech will then comb your lashes up, using the gentle adhesive to secure them to the pad. Now they are ready for the big step, the application of the curling solution responsible for the amazing results! The solution only needs to remain on your lashes for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on your lashes’ ability to respond to a curl. Finally, a setting lotion is applied, which sets the curl and gives your lashes a fortified feeling that locks in the newly lifted curl. After the setting lotion is applied, this is the time to add a tint, if you want!

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A lash lift can last anywhere from 8-12 weeks.

You can get a lash lift treatment after 5 weeks.

Yes, you can apply eye makeup 48 hours after the treatement.

No way! Especially when you have a trained professional doing the treatement to you.

Yes! Your eyes are going to look beatiful after your lash lift and be way more noticable

We recommend you wait at least 24 hours to wet your lashes.

We have standard colors for you to choose from to match your brow.

The process takes about an hour.

Velluto Lux is a Boutique Beauty Spa located in Massapequa with over 10 years of professional experience and the latest skin care technology.
We look forward to servicing you!

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